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Pain Specialist / Spine Specialist



Who is a Pain Specialist or spine specialist ?

As the field of medicine learns more about the complexities of pain, it has become more important to have doctors with specialized knowledge and skills to treat these conditions. It is a medical specialty which focuses on prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment pain. Due to the complexities involved in the treatment of chronic pain, pain medicine is recognized as a separate medical super specialty as Interventional Pain Management.

Essential qualities of a pain specialist or spine specialist

A specialist doctor or spine doctor or bone specialist having

An in-depth knowledge of the spine anatomy and physiology of ortho and neuro pain
The ability to evaluating patients with complicated pain problem
Understanding of specialized tests for diagnosing painful conditions like spine x-rays, spine MRI, CT scans etc
Appropriate prescribing of conventional and modern pain medications to varying pain problems
Skills to perform pain relief procedures (such as nerve blocks, spinal injections and other advanced spine interventions
are all part of what a Interventional pain specialist or spine specialist uses to treat pain. With an increasing number of new and complex drugs, techniques, and technologies becoming available every year for the treatment of pain, the interventional pain specialist is uniquely trained to use this new knowledge safely and effectively to help the patients. Finally, the pain specialist plays an important role in coordinating and supervising additional care  with spine surgeon and orthopedic surgeon such as physical therapy, psychological therapy, and rehabilitation programs in order to offer patients a comprehensive pain management plan with a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of their pain.

What to Expect When You See a Pain Specialist

A pain specialist (Interventional Pain Physician) will work to assess the cause of the pain and find appropriate treatment options. Most likely, the pain specialist will perform a complete physical examination. In addition, the doctor will ask you to describe the pain you are feeling in detail, explaining where it hurts, how long it has been hurting, and what worsens or alleviates the pain.

How Is Pain Treated? (The best treatments and aids suggested by pain specialist)
Research has led to the development of newer, more effective treatments for people who have pain. Most kinds of pain have become treatable through methods collectively known as “Interventional Pain Management” with supplementary role of physical therapy and psychological support.


About Us:-This information should not be used as a substitute for necessary consultations with a qualified pain specialist (Interventional Pain Physician India) to meet your individual needs. Always consult a medically trained professional with questions and concerns you have regarding your medical condition.