Tue : 25-07-2017 , 22:08:31 pm

Hypogastric Block

Hypogastric plexus blocks are injections that help relieve pelvic pain. This treatment has brought relief to many patients who suffer from pain located in the pelvic structures, to include pain located in the region of the bladder, lower intestines, as well as the uterus, ovaries and in women, and the prostate and testicles in men.The procedure also can help reduce pelvic pain from endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, radiation injury and cancer in the pelvis (cancer of uterus/womb, cervix etc.).


Note:-This information should not be used as a substitute for necessary consultations with a qualified pain specialist (Interventional Pain Physician) to meet your individual needs. Always consult a medically trained professional with questions and concerns you have regarding your medical condition.